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Production of our seed potatoes is handled by the following:

Mitch Fimm Farming

FIMM Farming

FIMM (an abbreviation of four farm names) have been growing potatoes for over 25 years and have farmed in the west of Perthshire for over half a century. The business is now managed by Kate and Mike McDiarmid (son of the company’s founder, the late Duncan McDiarmid).

Today, the seed potato operations are managed by Mitch Hayfield and supported by Willie Rennie and his team, who grow over 200 ha of potatoes exclusively for Caithness Potatoes.

Since starting the business, FIMM have invested significantly in both the field and storage side of the potato business, and provide good quality seed to Caithness for both domestic and export customers.

Alistair Melrose Smillie

Smillie Seed Production

The Smillie family have been specialising in seed growing for over 50 years. The potato growing business was started by James and Enid Smillie. It is headed by their son Gordon. The potato growing operation, J & E Smillie (Growers) Ltd, is managed by Robert Aitken.

Alistair Melrose is the Commercial Director and is responsible for sales and production. In addition he markets seed for A&F Growers.

A small group of specialist seed growers in Perth and Angus, combined with the Montrose Potato Growers Cooperative, also produce seed for Gordon which he markets through his trading company J.& E. Smillie (Montrose) Ltd.

Rob Doig Old Fargie

Robert J S Doig & Co

Bob Doig is one of the founder members of Caithness Potatoes and started producing seeds with the family business Robert JS Doig Ltd in 1988 when his son Robert joined the business.

They are now producing around 8000 tonnes of seed potatoes for Caithness Potatoes from their base just south of Perth at Old Fargie Farm and selected seed growers in Perth, Fife and Angus. Robert is now ably assisted by production manager Stevie Berwick and a full time team of 5 operations staff. Local contractors assist during peak times.

A significant investment in grading and storage faculties over the past few years means that we can store and grade and package seed to a high standard for customers. Visitors to Caithness Potatoes from around the world will be familiar it a base for hosting our annual exhibition of new varieties

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us.